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Make sure to download a matching version of the ROOT.NET wrappers and ROOT. Unfortunately, because this is C++ at its core, the two are matched during the build process.

Here are some tutorials for usage:

  • Basic Usage – Create a histo, write it to a file, and then read it. Includes how to setup a project from scratch.
    • All packages are now located on NuGet! This should make everyone’s life a lot easier.
  • Dynamic Usage – As of version 2.4 ROOT.NET includes the ability to reference objects via C# 4.0’s dynamic keyword. Under the covers this uses CINT to do the access. This is very slow, but this makes it possible to access custom objects and their methods with little or no work and is perfect for people that need to just access a few methods. This feature is still experimental and will get a good deal of tuning over the next versions.

Other Information

  • Some Examples
  • What is translated?
  • Caveats (everyone should read before reading this!!)
  • How to Generate the ROOT.NET wrappers from a ROOT build
    • This is not well supported. It still works, but all the scripts are currently designed to run on central build machine that attempts to run everything continuously.
  • How to generate wrappers for your own custom ROOT objects that depend on a full set of wrappers already existing.
    • This still works, but has not been maintained recently. Suggest you look into the new dynamic capability…

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krishnateja Apr 27, 2013 at 7:22 AM 
How to save a h.ShowBackground(80, "") into another histo ?