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Released: Jul 13, 2012
Updated: Jul 13, 2012 by gwatts
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Release Notes

This release has one main improvement: object inherritance. This has one dramatic effect: the size of the libraries has been reduced by more than a x2. One happy by-product of this is the libraries are now small enough to be published on the public feed! No need to use the deeptalk feed any longer (indeed, it will be shut down soon)!

Accessing the Packages

No setup is required other than installing NuGet. Once installed, enter your ROOT installation version number in the search box. For example, "v5.30.01" - and that will list a number of packges suitable for accessing the ROOT layer.

If you have the deeptalk nuget feed in your feed list, remove it. The implementation of that server is very slow, and it will slow down your ability to access other nuget packages.


In previous versions inherritance was implemented solely by .NET interfaces. This worked well, but also meant that if a method was implemented in a base class, and not overriden in a subclass, it's wrapper code would be re-written. This was origianlly done to work around C++'s multiple inherritance.

Starting with v2.5 real inherritance has been implemented. This means that the wrappers don't have to reimplement methods if they aren't sub classed. This dramatically reduces the sizes of the libraries (by more than x2 in many cases - the "All" collection of libraries went from 16 MB down to 6 MB).

Multiple inherritance, not supported in .NET, is still implemented via .NET interfaces. So continue to use the Interface namespace exactly as was done before.

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Hei muute pa ja se on luotu on se että se on taas täällä on tulossa ihmisen kokoinen ja sit se alko kyselee et ole kirjautunut sisään kirjoittaaksesi kommentteja RDO ja se ei oo mitään ei tapahdu ja sit se alko Oy tai sit tuu tänne ja sit tuun siihe :) ja sit tuli mieleen tulee olla perillä ja tuut ttt ei voi tehdä itse en mä nyt on
by vere on Nov 24, 2013 at 11:36 AM