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Updated: Sep 30, 2014 by gwatts
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Release Notes

This release is distributed via nuget only.

Major new features:
  • Package name no longer contains the ROOT version number. If you just need the core libraries, for example, then look for ROOT.NET.Core on nuget. The version number of the package is the root version number plus the wrapper version number ( for example).
  • Major changes to how these packages relate to ROOT binaries. As always, the wrappers are built for a particular version of ROOT. If that version is already loaded onto your machine, then all is well. If you have no version of ROOT or a different version, the nuget packages will download the package from the ROOT ftp site and install it in a sub-directory of your top level solution directory. This happens as part of the build, and can take quite a while to finish!
  • All the old versions of ROOT.NET up on the website have been hidden from the nuget search algorithm.